Monday, December 3, 2012

Welcome to The Oblong Square - a collaboration of:
  • Mitch Goldstein ( - Philanthropy Lodge No. 225, F&AM of Pennsylvania
  • Erik Arneson ( - Esoterika Lodge No. 227, PM of Ashland Lodge No.23, AF&AM of Oregon
The Oblong Square is intended to be a serious site of Masonic Scholarship but with a sardonic and offbeat twist.  Interested collaborators are invited to contact the authors.

"True Masonry is esoteric; it is not a thing of this world; all that we have here is a link, a doorway, through which the student may pass into the unknown.  It has nothing to do with things of form save that it realizes that for is molded by and manifests the life it contains, and the student is seeking to mold his life that the form will glorify the God whose temple he is slowly building as he awakens one after another the workmen within himself and sets them to the carrying out of the plan which has been give him out of heaven."
Manly P. Hall - "The Lost Keys of Masonry"

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. I look forward to your articles.

    -Bro. Barry, AF&AM of Idaho,
    Traveling Templar blog