Monday, December 10, 2012

A Worshipful Master's Prayer

0 Sovereign God, the G∴A∴O∴T∴U∴, we thank You for this solemn occasion which has drawn us together. Grant that this may be a happy and enriching place for us all for we desire your presence, Your wisdom and Your courage. Challenge us to understand better how to manage and appreciate the experiences we will share. Help us to support one another in a spirit of brotherly love so that our efforts in your name will be for the benefit of us all. Guide us and strengthen us for what lies ahead.

Almighty and Eternal God, teach us that we can see always see clearly in the glow of Masonic Light. Grant us grace to recognize the labors that You would have us perform, courage to proceed with them, and strength to complete them. Eternal Father, light up the small duties of this life as well as our Great Work. May we understand that Your presence dwells in the most common tasks, and let us understand that there is no service to others which is without value. We thank You for our opportunities to serve and ask for Your guidance and blessing in all our endeavors.

0 Lord, our God, You have shepherded us through all our years and have heaped blessings upon us. Forgive us those times when we have refused or ignored Your counsel and guidance. Since we have been so richly blessed, a large obligation is upon us to share our talent, energies and resources with those in our lives. May our sincere repentance bring about a strong resolve to be more diligent in service to You, a deeper desire to be more worthy of the responsibility given us and a greater sensitivity to those about us.

Lord, Deliver us from selfishness and egotism, which so easily beset us. May our minds find their way to Your mind that our work may result in beneficial actions not only for the Craft, but for everyone. Grant that we may become healers and part of the solution to the problems we face. Help us to speak, through love, to the conditions, which trouble us and our nation so that your peace may prevail in this Lodge and in our world. We dedicate this time together to you and thank you for Your continuing blessings.


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